How to take care of your Hillflint sweater

Our sweaters are made from high quality fibers and treated to be wearable and long-lasting. However, knit garments necessarily require more thoughtful care than a typical tee shirt or hoodie. As such, we recommend the following:
1) Fold and store, do not hang, as hanging can stretch the fabric
2) Take care not to snag the sweater on sharp objects when wearing jewelry, other clothing with hard edges, or being active
3) Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent, and either lay out to dry or hang longways on a drying rack (do not dry with a hanger or a clothespin). Do not tumble dry!
Treating wear and tear  
  • Pilling - our sweaters are treated to minimize pilling. However, all knit garments will pill to some degree over time. We recommend using a sweater stone or shaver to *gently* go over the sweater at the end of every season to safely remove pills. To reduce pilling take care to reduce abrasion and friction on the sweater 
  • Tears and snags - Most alterations and seamstress shops will be able to tighten and repair minor snags and breaks. Tears are a lot tougher or even impossible to restore. The best treatment for snags and tears is prevention: unlike wovens, knits snag more easily on sharp objects. While we've deliberately constructed our sweaters with a tight knit and treated each piece to increase durability, it's still important to be mindful when wearing a sweater. 
Hillflint is not responsible for pilling, tears, snags, and other incidental damage as a result of wear.


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